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  • We Handle SSL for free !
    Ability to inspect and mitigate L7 traffic
    We easily handle HTTPS Flood attacks

Looking for protection against DDoS attack ?

Unfair competitors, hacktivists, cybercriminals can take advantage of cheap underground available Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to hurt your online business..

A DDoS attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable : exhaustion through saturation by leveraging coordinated actions from a large amount of compromised PC, aka Botnet.

MASSFILTER.me protects your online services from L3 to L7 DDoS, whether your service be a WebSite (e-commerce, news or finance institution, hoster,..) or whatever TCP/UDP service (VPN, audio/video streaming, P2P, online gaming, proprietary application, …). .

We mitigate Volume-Based, Protocol and Application layers attacks such as :

HTTPS Flood,
SlowLoris and other Apache killers
DNS/ICMP/NTP/SNMP Amplification
Volumetric and "slow&low" attacks

MassFilter.Me’s Lab use its self-engineered technologies in its grid to detect and mitigate Botnets activity :
IP Reputation and Geo Filtering
Packet or Requests Rate limitation and Elastic Platform
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
Unusual Behaviour Detection
Cookie/Javascript challenge for telling Humans and Bots appart
Customer-provided WAF rules implementation

Happy Clients

  • Once setup, the protection is invisible for the users and me. These attacks worried me for 5 years.. and are now gone ! Thanks for that.

    N. ZORN, WarLegend-Project CEO
  • I thank you for this incredible follow-up. I never dealed with such reactive and kind technical support.

    Confidential, Confidential
  • Indeed, I confirm that i didn't receive any complaint so everything is perfect :)

    Guillaume H., TS3-serveur.com CEO


No need to change your server configuration or your Hoster.
The protection can be effective in a matter of minutes after DNS propagation.
BGP routing not necessary.
Granularity to the FQDN VHost

Quick & Easy to Set Up

We are committed to strong SLAs, and offer 48H Free Trial.
Our protection is Always ON.
24/7 Premium support available : permanent contact during attacks.
IP of your visitors will still be visible to your applications.


Starting from $49/month for the protection of a low profile website with 8/5 mail support.
No setup costs.
Differentiated services and contract support available.